But Wait! There’s More — New Hams and Upgrades

We have yet another group of new hams to welcome, as well as upgrades to celebrate.

Congratulations to new Technician license holder James Parish, KI5JJA. Andy Dow, KI5JJB, tested through to General. Pedro Acosta, KI5JJC, tested through to General. Richard Thompson, AG5ZD, tested through to Extra. David Fisher, K5RFP, upgraded to Extra. Roy Hogan, KD5FPP, upgraded to Extra. Mark Burton, KG5LEQ, upgraded to General. Charles L. Randle, AG5ZE, passed his Technician and got his lapsed Extra back.

The new licensees come courtesy of Jim Kajder’s (AF5FH) test team and its June 6 test session — sponsored by the high Desert Amateur Radio Club and conducted outdoors and with masks and plenty of social distancing.

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