Welcome Some New Hams!

Time to play catch-up with some newly licensed hams.

Congratulations to new Technician license holders Hal Radioff, KI5JBV; Blaine Bachman, KI5JBU; Billy Hubbell, KI5JBW; and Michael Garcia, KI5JBX. Mike Grashius, K5LMG tested through to General. And Christopher Bowen, AG5YZ, tested through to Extra. The new licensees come courtesy of Jim Kajder’s (AF5FH) test team and its May 24 test session — outdoors and with masks and plenty of social distancing.

Meanwhile, back in mid March, the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association’s W5YI test team added one new ham and an upgrade to the mix: George Szymkowski, KI5IQQ, earned his Technician license; and William Anderson, KI5HQI, upgraded to General.

As they say, let the Elmering begin!

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