Nets around New Mexico

Below is a list of known amateur radio nets across the New Mexico Section.  All times are local (Mountain time), unless otherwise noted.

If your net is missing, or if details about your net need to be changed, please Contact the Webmaster with the following information:

  • Net name
  • Organization sponsoring the net
  • Day(s) and time(s)
  • How frequent the net is run (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Frequency (if a repeater, include CTCSS/PL tone, and location of repeater for reference)
  • Description of net


 6:30 AMThe New Mexico Breakfast Club

Meets daily on 3939 kHz LSB.

7:00 AM – The SCAT Net

Meets Monday-Saturday on the 145.33 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) and 444.00 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL) Sandia Crest linked repeaters.

8:00 AM – Northern New Mexico 160-meter Roundtable Net

Meets daily except for Sundays on 1915 kHz LSB (AM mode on Fridays).

8:45 AM – Rusty’s Raiders Net

Meets Monday-Friday on the 146.94 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Mt. Taylor and 146.96 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Capilla Peak linked repeaters.

11:00 AM – New Mexico Veterans Service / VA Net

Conducted by operators at N5VA based at Albuquerque Veterans Affairs hospital. Meets (at least) Monday-Thursday on 14.287 MHz USB.

7:00 PMThe Yucca Net

Meets daily on the 147.32 MHz (+, 162.2 Hz PL) Comanche Hill repeater.

0100 UTC – New Mexico Roadrunner Traffic Net

Meets daily on 3939 kHz LSB.


5:00 PM – New Mexico ARES/EmComm HF Net

Meets on the First Sunday of each month on 3939 kHz LSB to discuss amateur radio support of all types of emergency communications including (but not limited to) MARS, SAR, CAP, public service events. All stations invited.

8:00 PM – Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club Net

Meets on the 146.88 MHz (-, no PL) Los Alamos repeater.

8:00 PM – San Juan County EmComm Net

Meets on all NM5SJ repeaters; open to ARES and RACES members only.

9:00 PMThe Amateur Radio Caravan Club Net

Meets on the 145.33 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) and 444.00 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL) linked repeaters


7:00 PM – Lea County Amateur Radio Net

Meets on the 444.150 MHz (+, 162.2 Hz PL), 444.250 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL), 444.350 MHz (+, 162.2 Hz PL) Lea County repeaters, Echolink node 281850 AG5BB-R, and West Texas Connection repeaters.

7:30 PM – El Paso D-STAR/D-RATS Net

Meets on any D-STAR repeater in the world that can be linked to the REF055A reflector.  D-RATS users may also join the net by logging into the AE5HE Ratflector (, Port 9000).

7:30 PM – Sandoval County ARES Net

Meets each Monday except for the third Monday of each month on the 147.10 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL), 147.08 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL), 443.00 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL), and 443.10 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL) Sandoval County repeaters.

8:00 PM2-meter Weak Signal Net

Meets on 144.250 MHz USB

8:30 PM – Northern New Mexico Amateur Radio Net

Meets on the 145.19 MHz (-, 67 Hz PL) Pajarito Mountain repeater.  Backup repeater is the 147.02 MHz (+, 141.3 Hz PL) Tesuque Peak repeater.


6:30 PM – KC5JBO Memorial Simplex Net

Meets on 146.40 MHz simplex (Albuquerque area)

7:00 PM – Eastern New Mexico University Amateur Radio Club Net

Meets on the 146.82 (-, 67 Hz PL) Portales repeater

8:00 PM – Santa Fe ARES Net

Meets on Tuesdays preceding the Santa Fe ARES meeting on the 146.82 MHz (-, 162.2 Hz PL) Tesuque Peak, 147.20 MHz (+, 162.2 Hz PL) St. Vincent Hospital, 147.30 (+, 162.2 Hz PL) Elk Mountain, and 146.76 (-, no PL) San Antonio mountain repeaters.


6:45 PM – Mesilla Valley Radio Club Net

Meets on the 146.64 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Las Cruces repeater.

7:00 PM – Lincoln County ARES Net

Meets on the 146.920 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Alto Crest and 145.45 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Camelot repeaters.

7:30 PMSocorro ARES Net

Meets on the 146.68 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Socorro repeater.

8:00 PMThe Valencia County Amateur Radio Association Net

Meets on the 146.700 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Valencia County repeater.

8:00 PM220 Rag Chewers Net

Meets on the 224.480 MHz Albuquerque repeater.

8:00 PM – 70-centimeter Weak Signal Net

Meets on 432.150 MHz USB


7:00 PMBernalillo County ARES Net

Meets on the 145.13 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL), 145.15 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL), and 442.050 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Albuquerque area linked repeaters.

7:30 PM – Bosque Youth Amateur Radio Club net

Meets on the 443.30 MHz (+, 100 Hz PL) Sandia Crest repeater.

7:30 PM – Tri-County ARES Net

For coordination of ARES members in Socorro, Torrance and Valencia counties.  Meets on the 146.96 MHz (-, 100 Hz PL) Capilla Peak repeater.

8:00 PM – New Mexico D-STAR Net

Meets on any D-STAR repeater in the world that can be linked to the REF055A reflector.

8:00 PM – Tri-County ARES Simplex Net

Monthly exercise net for ARES members in Socorro, Torrance and Valencia counties.  Meets on the fourth Thursday of the month on 146.55 MHz simplex.

8:30 PM – The New Mexico Swapnet

Meets on any New Mexico Mega Link or Upper Rio FM Society repeater.  Online listings can be found here.


9:00 AM – New Mexico Department of Health Health Net

Meets on the New Mexico Mega Link repeater system


7:00 PM – East Mountain FM Simplex Net

Meets on 146.55 MHz simplex.  Open to all hams, especially those living around the east side of the Sandia and Manzano mountains.