September 25, 2016

Please note that while the online version of Swapnet is still valid the on-air information is completely out of date. Our net control operators have moved on and the net no longer airs on Thursday nights.

It would be nice to get the listings on the air again. If you would be interested in becoming a net control for Swapnet please contact Mike at K5ATM@YAHOO.COM. If we can get enough interested operators we will update the text below and once again become a Thursday night event.


The purpose of the New Mexico Swapnet is to assist in the sale and trading of Ham Radio-related equipment by Ham Radio operators. Only items related to Ham Radio will be listed. The Swapnet can be heard each Thursday night at 8:30PM on all Upper Rio and Megalink repeaters.

The New Mexico Swapnet assumes no responsibility for any item listed on this net or web site. You are asked to delete your listing when you sell your item or find the item you have been looking for.


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